Can a Resident Be Discharged From a Nursing Home?

Can a Resident Be Discharged From a Nursing Home? Nursing homes are crucial for health and medical care of the elder because they can look after our loved ones when we cannot and we are not knowledgeable to handle their case including Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and other elderly illnesses. There are many questions on the matter of… Read more »

Responsibilities and Duties of a Trustee

The Responsibilities and Duties of a Trustees can range from taking control of all assets comprising an estate or trust and sending tax returns. One of the greatest compliments a person can pay you is to nominate you as the trustee of their trust. With this position comes a great deal of trust (no pun intended)… Read more »

Transmutation as a Form of Love

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we at APEL Center thought once again we would put a sexy spin on an otherwise incredibly “unsexy” topic – Transmutation. After all, what says I love you like “what’s yours stays yours, and what’s mine stays mine!”  All joking aside, CA is what is called a Community Property state. Thus,… Read more »

Additional Benefits To A Trust

There are many benefits to having a trust established. This week, let us analyze the option of integrating asset protection language for your children, within your Revocable Living Trust. Traditionally, a Trust would be created to provide for the well-being of our children in the event something happened to us. Let us look at it… Read more »