Three Myths Surrounding Long-Term Care Planning. What are the myths surrounding long-term care planning? As a California estate planning attorney, I have met numerous clients dealing with their specific long-term care issues, only to find out that those beliefs and thoughts that had been lingering their minds were nothing but a myth. Well, I understand. Many… Read more »

Importance of Timing in Asset Protection. Today, let’s study the important component of timing when you do an asset protection plan. Let’s first ask when is the best time in order to undertake asset protection. Well the answer is simple. It is before any lawsuit or claim arises against you. Why? Because it allows you and… Read more »

Can You Afford Not To Pay For Long-Term Care? In the middle of all this work, you are certainly trying to put some savings aside.  However, I want to talk about a monthly overhead you may have wrongfully set aside; or completely ignored. Let’s talk about the “Sandwich Generation”; the ones with minor children and elder… Read more »

Pre-Existing Medical Condition & Medi-Cal is a topic that I come across often. As an estate planning lawyer, I meet diverse people with various needs, especially when talking about Medi-Cal. One interesting case caught my attention. Let me share you what I have discussed with a 65-year old client of mine. She has recently retired from… Read more »