In this segment/video, Shadi talkes about why parents with minor children have a DUTY to have a Will. She explains the importance of appointing legal guardians for your minor children and how this is done through a Will. Shadi continues to explain why this is necessary, how it protects your child or children. She gives information on what happens when a parent does not have a guardian appointed legally for their child. Why Child Protective Services can step in and temporarily take the child until the legal system appoints a Guardian. How the system is set up to protect children and if the parent(s) themselves do not appoint and designate who they feel is fit to care for their child or children when the parents are unable to that the legal system through a guardianship proceeding will appoint a family member or anyone they feel is best fit to care for the child both emotionally and financially. Shadi stresses how as a new mom herself every parents has to have a Will that appoints the legal guardians of their child or children.